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Replacing a Tankless Water Heater in Johnson City TN

Your water heater is one of the most important systems in your house. It should be treated with care to avoid any potential issues down the road, and it needs regular maintenance for optimized performance! Most homeowners use their home’s hot water all over again from time-to-time – such as when they take a quick shower or do some dishes… this continuous cycling wears out your water heating unit quickly.

Once your water heater starts giving you issues, immediate repairs are crucial (especially for older units over 7-8 years old). This is where we can help keep your water heater lasting for years to come!

Your top Water Heater Pros here in Johnson City delivers fast and reliable water heater repair and maintenance services. From Elizabethton to Johnson City to Kingsport, we have become your trusted plumbing team providing high-quality water heater repairs, installations, and part replacements.

Whether you need an your water heater tank repaired quick or maybe an emergency replacement, you can trust our team to guide you from start to finish. We have served homeowners and businesses all over Tri-Cities, TN. 

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Water heater repair in Johnson City


A water heater repair breaking down out of nowhere is always an inconvenience, especially if you have a long list of things to do. On top that annoyance and frustration at having important activities delayed or put on hold while your home goes without hot water; it can be quite stressful for homeowners too!

Repair or replace your water heater with a Johnson City plumbing professional. With years of experience repairing, replacing and installing different water heater models we’re here to take the headache off your shoulders! We make it easier than ever before to get replacement parts that fit your needs and budget.

We start everything off with a professional assessment to diagnose what is going on. We will look at the following:

  • The water heater make & model
  • The type of unit (gas or electric water heater; instant or tankless)
  • The storage tank size (or identify if it’s tankless)
  • Location and accessibility of the tank.
  • Water heater’s connection to plumbing fixtures

Once we’ve assessed your water heater issue, you will be advised of the necessary repairs or replacement (we only advise buying a new water heater if your unit is beyond repair).  Apart from helping you with water heater repairs, we also give you peace of mind. You get a team of licensed, trained, and certified plumbing technicians that have performed many water heater repair services throughout Tri-Cities, TN. Everything from inspections to draining tanks to installing new water heater models, are done with high standards.

Give us a call today for all of  your water heater maintenance needs, and improve the function and longevity of your water heater, saving you more money and giving you peace of mind

Repairing Tankless Water Heater

Common Water Heater Problems

The average homeowner doesn’t consider regular water heater maintenance before it’s too late. Your unit is an investment that needs TLC like any other major investment. Instead of waiting for regular wear and tear to grow beyond repair, we recommend looking out for the early signs that indicate your water heater needing some love.

Below are a few indicators that your water heater needs maintenance or possibly full replacement:

  • Zero hot water. No hot water does not necessarily mean that your water heater does not work anymore. Gas-powered water heaters may have a pilot light that needs to be reignited or thermocouple issue. A faulty pilot control valve can cause this. Electric water heaters may have a simple circuit breaker issue or heating element malfunction. 
  • Minimal hot water. Water heater repairs producing too little hot water is a common problem. Sometimes simply increasing the temperature will help nip this issue in it’s tracks. Other times you may need a full drain, flush, and anode rod replacement. 
  • Noisy water tank. Rumbling noises coming from your water heater’s tank is a common issue as well. The sound could be due to the friction from water and sediment build up in your storage tank. Add some heat and motion and you get a rumble. Sometimes a simple drain and flush could fix this, saving you from an unnecessary tank replacement.
  • Leaking tank. While small leaks coming from plumbing fixtures may be an easy minor repair, larger leaks coming directly from your storage tank indicate that you may need a full water heater replacement. It is best to take care of this issue before you incur additional flood damage

Like most things in life, early prevention is key. The sooner you call us to take a look and fix the issue, the better chances you have in keeping your heater running for years to come. If in doubt, simply give us a call and we can give you more insight directly over the phone.

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As your top Johnson City Water Heater Pros, we connect you with licensed and insured plumbing experts who equipped to provide you with world-class hot water solutions.

With a goal of remaining one of the best water heater service companies in Johnson City & surrounding areas, we continuously train our plumbing contractors every year to ensure they are up to date with the latest water heater industry knowledge and technology. This constant pursuit of continuous improvement has helped us earn lifelong relationships with our customers.

When working with us, you can be confident that you will get complete transparency when it comes to water heater part replacements, installation costs, and your best options overall to solve your concerns. We stay as accurate as possible with our deadlines and expected costs.

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