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Consider a Gas Water Heater Replacement!

Repairing water heater anode rod in Elizabethton, TN

Let’s face it – we love our hot water. Not only is your water heater a sizable investment, it is one that is used more than almost any other home appliance, yet one we tend to overlook. While gas water heaters are extremely popular due to their energy efficiency and liability, there will be a time where you will need gas water heater maintenance or replacement. Thankfully we only use commercial-grade part replacements for your water heater and can easily install any brand you decide to purchase (even if you bought your water heater from a third-party seller instead of directly with us).

Whether you need hot water for your home or for your commercial establishment, we are here to help you get quality professional plumbing services at an affordable rate. Below you will find everything you need to know about gas water heater repair and installation in Johnson City, Elizabethton, and all of Tri-Cities!

Gas Water Heaters Are The Industry Leaders

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The Benefits of Gas Water Heaters

Hot water on demand

Fast heating

With a gas water heater, you can turn on the tap and be sure to get hot water. Electric ones might take longer for their heaters to fully recover after being used which makes them less efficient than natural gas units in large households or places with high demand such as hotels or gyms.

long lasting durable water heaters

industry leader

Gas water heaters can be more cost effective than electric water heating, and much cheaper to maintain. Because gas water heaters are much less expensive to operate (natural gas is much less expensive than electricity), they have quickly become the more popular choice for homeowners

Zero Water Waste with Tankless Water Heaters

major energy savings

You may be thinking that gas water heaters are expensive and inefficient, but the truth is they’re both cheaper than other types of heating sources. Gas also releases less carbon dioxide into your home’s atmosphere – this means you’ll save on energy costs in addition to money!

Consider The Long-Term Energy Savings of Using Gas

Water Heater Energy Savings in Johnson City

So you need buy a new water heater, know you want a gas unit, but wonder what other factors you should consider before purchasing. We recommend to start with ensuing that your new water heater can produce enough hot water for your needs. After knowing the GPM (gallons per minute) is taken care of, we recommend considering a water heater’s energy factor (EF) rating to ensure that you are getting an energy efficient unit that can save you hundreds (or sometimes thousands) in energy expenses over its lifetime.

The EF rating was established by the US Department of Energy to compare the energy efficiency of different water heaters. It’s simple, the higher the EF, the more efficient the water heater is. The EF considers the following:

  • Cycling loss. The loss of heat as water enters your gas water heater tank
  • Recovery efficiency. How efficiently your gas water heater heats up new water in the tank
  • Standby loss. The heat loss when your water heater is idle

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Water Heater Service Questions We Hear

Do I need to drain or clean my water heater?

The water heater is one of the most important parts in your home. If it breaks, you may not be able to use plumbing fixtures or take a shower without boiling some water first – which would have been nice for that camping trip! Luckily there are simple steps we can take so our tanks don’t get clogged up with lime deposits and other gunk over time; cleaning them out will help maximize their performance once again (and prevent costly repairs).

Why is my water a brownish murky color?

Chemicals can cause rust in the water lines, which changes its pressure. This causes corrosion to come through your pipes and leave you with dirty murky water! If you notice a strange taste when taking showering then you should contact your local plumber in Johnson City right away! Sometimes pipe issues could also cause a number of problems with our tanks that can trigger a sensor to stop them from operating.

What is the best temperature to set my water heater at?

You’ll find that most people are comfortable with setting their water heater thermostats to 120⁰F – this is the normal manufacturer recommendation. If you have an older unit, however, then medium temperature may be best for both longevity and performance maintenance like regular drains/flushes!

How do I turn off the gas and water to the water heater?

Do you know when it’s time to turn your gas water heater off? If not, don’t wait any longer. You could end up with an extra plumbing bill if there are leaks or a smell of natural gas from your home’s pipes and drains due in part by the way we use them: turning on all sorts utilities at once – including heating systems! To avoid these costs call us today so that our trained technicians can walk through shutting down this important appliance before anything happens.